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Six weeks ago we launched our I Love Lunarpages Testimonial Contest which means there is only ONE day to go! Again, we could not decide on just 3 winners, so we chose TEN! The creativity is fantastic and the effort from you all is truly appreciated!

The sixth week’s winners (10) of 12 months of Basic Web Hosting are:

Emanuel Villa
Memphis, TN
Hosted with Lunarpages for 3 years

All the time I ask for support I get it right away, and all for the best price. Thanks Lunarpages.

Peter Han
San Diego, California
Hosted with Lunarpages for 2.5 years

Not knowing much about web hosting, I decided to use Lunarpages to host my business website because my father used it for his projects. I am very happy I did. I remember one instance when I didn’t understand what was going on with my site. I emailed Lunarpages support one time during the night and within 15 minutes, I had a helpful response. It was unbelievable customer service–service I’ve never seen with any company–and I have never had a regret since.

Thom Tran
Hollywood, CA
Hosted with Lunarpages for 5 years

I‘ve been using Lunarpages for half a decade now, ever since I taught myself HTML. Since 2005, I’ve built dozens of websites for myself, my friends, and most recently for my company, and EVERY TIME I have encouraged them to use Lunarpages to host their websites. I’m a novice coder, and a don’t make a ton of money which is why I love Lunarpages. Their interfaces are easy to use and the service is dollar for dollar more affordable and reliable than most others. I’ve never had a problem with my websites that were hosted with Lunarpages. So I’m just showing some love! Here is a photo of my home office (or as my girlfriend calls it “The Command Center”). Check out the wallpaper on my screens! Thanks Lunarpages! You guys ROCK!

Denver, CO
Hosted with Lunarpages for 2 years

We have been totally satisfied with out Lunarpages experience. thanks for making our life on the web so simple and convenient!

Bruce MacLachlan
Wildcat Lake, Washington
Hosted with Lunarpages for 1 month

I expected the establishment of my first ever website to be a long, tedious, and exhaustive process of trial and error but thanks to lunarpages everything has been smooth, awesome, and excellent value for money. Lunarpages rock my known universe and several parallel dimensions.

Francisco Forte
Chicago, IL
Hosted with Lunarpages for 5 Year

Top Hosting.

Kurt Iverson
Kansas City, KS
Hosted with Lunarpages for 7 years

As a Web designer and developer, I have used Lunarpages for about 7 years now. From their simple hosting plans to dedicated servers, they’ve handled all my my web hosting needs. They have great plans to start with, have amazing hosting rates (even when I started), and their support has given me the confidence to use them for every one of my clients. The technical team has been supportive when trying out and learning new technologies, and even more so, are truly interested in helping me be successful online through intuitive online tools, software packages, and a great support staff! Thanks Lunarpages…I love you, man! I totally got this tattoo to remember you, dude.

Juan Melo
Bronx, New York
Hosted with Lunarpages for 4 years

This is an old school graffiti-style of “I Love Lunarpages” from the Big Apple, New York City. Lunarpages is a reliable web hosting service that care about their customers.

Rahul Mukerji
Rockville, MD, USA
Hosted with Lunarpages for 4 Years

Lunarpages, it’s the service with the most,

Unquestionably versatile: Choose Windows or Linux as your host !

Never ending support: day or night,

Anytime, anywhere, they’ll help you get up your site.

Rapid answers to your questions: the Forums are cool,

PHP, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress: They’ll help you with all the latest tools !

Ages ago, I did register my little website,

Going on year 4: never had a downtime, nope, not even at night!

Easy is their Middle Name: setup, maintenance is like 1-2-3,

Such a pleasant customer service, this is no commonality!

I never had any problems: nothing they couldn’t solve, Site get hacked? Don’t you fret; they’ll help you resolve it all ! Are you still reading? Trying to decide? What web host to choose, what plan you buy ? Easy peasy lemon squeezy I have your answer thus, Sit back and relax, let Lunarpages set you up ! Over are your worries, over are your fears, Merely pick up the phone and call them, OR Email them for your gear See what I did with the first letter of every sentence? 😛

Jakarta, Indonesia
Hosted with Lunarpages for 2 years 6 Months

Lunarpages is affordable web hosting, I love Lunarpages So much. With great server performance, great up time, and friendly customer service, they always solve my problem in less than 24 Hours.

A reminder of the prizes:

  • Grand prize – one (1) Apple 16GB Wi-Fi iPad (a USD$499.00 value) plus12 months of Free Web Hosting on the Lunarpages Basic Plan
  • Weekly prizes – for six (6) weeks we will choose 3 weekly winners to receive 12 months of Free Web Hosting on the Lunarpages Basic Plan

Stay tuned because tomorrow the winner of the iPad will be announced!!!