Quality Web Hosting Reseller Account

Looking for the advantage when it comes to reseller hosting?  Lunarpages is now providing a great new alternative to the world of reseller hosting.  The Webmaster Reseller hosting plan from Lunarpages is the perfect place for webmasters and developers to get full account access and monitoring for as low as $20 per month.

What is new with this web hosting plan?

You purchase a chunk of web hosting from Lunarpages.  You can then take that Lunarpages powered web hosting and divide it up as much as you need.  Starting out, you can get 20 GB of disk space and 300 GB of bandwidth.  Where the real advantage comes in is you can turn around and divide that up as many times as you need.

With the reseller hosting plan, you can be your own web hosting company.  You get all the tools the professional server administrators get to divide up your hosting account to sell to others, but do not have to worry about the headaches involved with managing a server.

To learn more about this great web hosting alternative, be sure to check out the Lunarpages Webmaster Reseller hosting plan page over at Lunarpages.com.