So you are not an advanced web designer.  Maybe you do not want to pay a company to design a web site for you.  That is your right.  There are several web sites from across the Web that will help you become a better designer and get a great web site layout up all at the same time.

Start to Learn Web Site Design

The Color Wizard is perfect when it comes to finding the right color for a portion of your web site.  It will work with you to determine which color might be best with your current color scheme.  From the web site, just input the color you want to match and it will split out several colors you could use based on the color you gave it.

free color picker

CSS Typeset is a nice tool to use if your looking for a quick way to edit portions of your CSS code on your web site.  It is a favorite among many webmasters out there.  The idea here is simple.  All you do is take some CSS from your web site, modify it with the tools Typeset provides, and get it just right.  From there you can copy the code back to your web site, and you are good to go.

Free CSS Help and Support

You can choose from several customizable templates at Dotemplate.  Right from the company‚Äôs web site, you can select and customize any number of templates they provide.  You can change the colors, pictures and more on the templates and really make it your own, with almost no work or effort on your part.

Free Great Looking Templates

There you have three great tools that will make you a web site designer in no time at all.  You have your colors ready to go, your CSS perfected and your free template ready for customization.