web hosting community help and tutorials

I have spent some time lurking in the shadows, monitoring the Lunarpages web sites and services that this web host has setup for it’s community.  Overall, I do have to say I am impressed because they are offering “more” support, “more” services, “more” news, and “more” help than any other web host out there today.  Let me help you see what I have found, and introduce you to the Lunarpages community web sites.

Forums: The Lunarforums.com community was created in 2000. At that time, Lunarpages had just started branching out by offering inexpensive paid web hosting plans and our customers were looking for support in a more convenient method. LunarFoums is run by Lunarpages staff and management, but our over 150,000 customers make up the base for the community as well, offering their assistance where they can.

Blog: Lunarpages Web Hosting Blog, created in 2006, is our digital guide through the world of web development and web hosting. With topics ranging from web hosting news, online marketing, WordPress & Joomla tutorials, Search Engine Optimization, online traffic-building, Google Adwords, Web Design, and more, customers and staff alike are free to comment and connect to our community.

Newsletter: The Lunarpages Web Hosting Newsletter was founded in 2007. Within our Newsletter, you will find in-depth web hosting articles and tutorials for everything from designing and marketing your website, creating email accounts, making money with the Affiliate Program, and more.  With a new issue every month, the Lunarpages Newsletter has something for everyone.

Wiki: As the newest addition to the Lunarpages Community, the Lunarpages Wiki is the best resource for information about web hosting, helpful tutorials for Lunarpages software and services, and advanced assistance beyond the realm of our normal technical support environment. The Wiki is an ever-growing project, supported by our staff and customers. Any customer, Lunarpages supporter, or anyone who just wants to lend a hand may donate articles or tutorials at any time.

Facebook: The Lunarpages Web Hosting Facebook Group is comprised of a wonderful community of Lunarpages supporters! As an open group, anyone is welcome to join, so our members include webmasters, designers, Lunarpages staff, customers, fans, and friends of our company.

Twitter: Twitter is a free service that helps you keep in touch with the people who matter most—your friends, family, coworkers, and business associates. The Twitter service is based upon the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? Updated in real-time and including tweets for our Web Hosting Newsletter and Web Hosting Blog, the Lunarpages Twitter will keep you in touch with the latest happenings at Lunarpages Web Hosting.

There you have it, one of the best web hosting communities out there today.