MonthFebruary 2010

How to Earn Free Ad Credit for MySpace

MySpace Free Ads Deal

Lunarpages has a new fantastic offer for residents of the USA right now.  With every new and existing web hosting plan at Lunarpages, you can get your hands on up to $110 in free advertising via MySpace’s MyAds service. 

Here is a little more about the deal from Lunarpages themselves.

I do not have to tell you that being a Lunarpages client definitely has its perks.  Not only are you partnered with the world’s greatest web hosting company, but you are eligible to very exclusive deals.  Lunarpages is teaming up with MySpace’s MyAds service to help you reach a global internet audience.

Both new and existing customers now have access to free MyAds credit to get started with their own advertising campaign on

To learn more about how to take advantage of this wonderful web hosting special promotion and deal, be sure to read the rest of Up to $110 of MySpace Ad Credit, Just for YOU! on the Lunarpages customer newsletter web site.

Best CSS3 Techniques

Many of you have probably heard all the buzz around CSS3, but exactly which techniques can we use today? In this article I’ll show you some different CSS3 techniques that work great in some of the leading browsers (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera ), and how they will degrade well in the non-supported browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer). Using browser specific extensions, many of the proposed CSS3 styles can be used today!

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5 Free Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress themes these days are almost a dime a dozen, however if you look hard enough – you can find some really amazing ones for free.  Here are five of my most recent favorite WordPress themes that won’t cost you a single penny.  They are all free, and amazing.

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Investigate Your Web Host

Want to snoop around and see what top secret information you can find out about your web host? Ok, maybe this information is not all that secret, but you do have to jump through a few hoops to find out about it. Web sites like make it fairly easy to look up some general stats about your web host.

Doing a search on your own domain name you can find out:

  • How many other sites are hosted on the same server.
  • The server’s status on the black lists out there.
  • The type of server your web site is hosted on.

Another good place to find stats on a specific web host is Just type in the domain name of your web host into the search box – and then select “Web Hosts” in the radio box selection and hit the “Go” button.

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Better Web Site Analysis

Web Site Analysis

Need to get a quick web site summary in a few seconds?  WooRank will do just that – providing you with helpful details on what you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong, when it comes to your web site management.

This tool helps with:

  • Traffic estimation numbers using Google data, Alexa & Compete rankings
  • An internal site SEO analysis with a Text/HTML ratio
  • Off-site SEO with link counts from Delicious, Digg, Twitter & Wikipedia as well as a back link count total
  • It even does a Whois lookup and shows if the site is using compression

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