MonthJanuary 2010

Best HTML Tips and Tricks

Lunarpages has produced an excellent guide to getting started with HTML via their own wiki.  Be sure to check out these tutorials:

Tutorial #1 – Basics of HTML

Tutorial #2 – Parts of a Web Page, Explained

Tutorial #3 – Web Site Navigation

Tutorial #4 – Body Tag Modifiers

Tutorial #5 – HTML Formatting Tags

Tutorial #6 – More HTML Formatting Tags

Need more web hosting help?  Really, the Lunarpages Web Hosting Wiki is a great resource for just about anybody.  Lunarpages customers are really lucky to have such a tool.

Get a Web Site up Quickly!

One of the hidden jewels that Lunarpages has to offer to web hosting clients looking for a quick and easy way to get a web site up and running is Quicksite.  This hosting plan is much more than just your grandfather’s disk space and bandwidth.  Quicksite provides you the domain name, the hosting space and the designs you need to get up and running. 

Tired of the overly expensive designers wanting hundreds for their quality work?  Quicksite gives you over 500 unique templates and designs you can customize to make your own.  The publishing tools included are also as easy to use as any word processor out there.  All you do is worry about content, and leave the rest to Lunarpages!

The best part about this special deal is the price.  You can get this unique web hosting plan for just £6.50!  Take the tour, then check out the official Lunarpages Quicksite page.  You too will be amazed with all this little hosting plan has to offer.