Xen web hosting Xen hosting is some of, if not the best hosting you can get these days, and only one place offers it along with quality support and service.  Have you checked out the new Lunarpages Xen-powered VPS hosting packages?  Here is an article I found on the topic.

Here is a little more information from the article:

What makes Xen VPS hosting so great? Xen-powered VPS are completely independent from the hardware node, and each other. This means that you are able to run updates independently of the hardware node. This also means that one customer can’t crash a service or the server. If one front end server ceases to work, the VPS’ that were running on that server can be restarted on other Xen servers, almost instantly.

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Starting at $27.95, there is no doubt this is the perfect stepping stone between a shared hosting account and a dedicated server.  If you want to learn more about the Xen VPS hosting plans Lunarpages provides, check out the Virtual Private Server information page at Lunarpages.com.