Have a store?  Have a business?  The folks at Lunarpages have now made their own Business oriented hosting plan more interesting for the common man on the street.  Some of the features included in the most recent upgrades are:

Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage – store as much as you want and send as much of it as you want back and forth from the server.

3 Free Domains – Need a few extra domain registrations?  Get them with Lunarpages for FREE!

A Free Dedicated IP – Available upon request, this is an expensive necessity you are getting for free.

Instant SSL Certificate – Get your own dedicated SSL certificate installed for free!

Now that is what I would consider a real steal, since you are getting all of these with no raise in price at all. 

Lunarpages does the best hosting for business out there today, so with these new features – what is your reason for not checking them out yet?