MonthJanuary 2008

Dreamhost Scams Customers – Lunarpages Offers Refuge

I was just alerted to this post over at the Lunarpages Blog, regarding Dreamhost’s blatant attempts to charge thousands of their customers with renewal notices several years in advance! To sum it up, Dreamhost was trying to steal their customer’s money. Some people were charged over $800, others charged twice or even three times for payments that were not due for years.

Dreamhost says it was due to a “small glitch” in their payment systems as they were working on editing or some crap. This is what we’ve heard:

A Renown Website Development and Software Lead (who has never worked for Dreamhost – though at this point, we’re all asking, who would??) told me that this kind of “glitch” could have a drastic effect on Dreamhost customers for the next several YEARS. This same world famous technician who owns his own software development company basically told Amy Armitage over at Lunarpages, “It’s not something that can be fixed overnight, as it’s a complicated system error – if their technicians made the mistake of pushing this change live without waiting to check a simple date stamp, then there’s most likely other glitches that are going unnoticed.”

More or less, be careful what you upload to Dreamhost, as who knows WHAT they’re doing with this information.

It’s a scary situation, but luckily Lunarpages has come to the resuce! Check out their blog post for further details on getting $40 off and up to 9 months free hosting!

Lunarpages Web Hosting – INSANE upgrades!!

You will absolutely not believe this, but it’s true – Lunarpages Web Hosting just upgraded their web hosting plans to include the biggest storage web space and data transfer in the world!!

Their Basic Hosting Plan used to come with 350 GB storage, and now has increased to a whopping 1,500 GB!! This is several times what your home computer likely has and quite a great deal more than any competitor is offering.

The Basic Hosting Plan also used to come with 3,500 GB bandwidth and now has increased to include 15,000 GB! This is literally unheard of in the industry, and anyone can benefit by signing up with a new Basic Hosting Plan from Lunarpages! The best part is that their price has not increased — you can still get affordable, reliable hosting for £3.99/month!
And that’s not all! – Lunarpages also upgraded their Business Website Hosting Plan, which still includes Unlimited Storage Space and has now increased to include 15,000 GB bandwidth! No other host in the world can beat this.

Also, it looks like Lunarpages released a new Website Hosting Plan called Quicksite – it is super easy to use and gets your website online in 2 hours or less!! Talk about quick website building – even the templates are amazing!

Lunarpages is really ringing in the New Year!